about pacific wood

The most innovative brand for decorative veneers in Thailand. Our passion is to create unmatched aesthetics out of wood and veneers.

Pacific Wood Co.,Ltd. was initially established by Mr.Suvit R.Gochakorn to export Teak veneer to Europe, America and Australia. Pacific Wood is also one of the first companies to import hardwood logs from U.S.A. for slicing into veneers which are then re-exported to client around the world.

Over 30 years of experience of craftsman and supporting by ultra-sophisticated equipments from Denmark, Italy and Germany, we can offer the best quality products compatible with European standards.

Specialized in production of Wooden parts of furniture & Veneer supply :

  • Supply many kinds of wood veneers.
  • Plywood, MDF and Particleboard overlaid with all kinds of wood veneer.
  • Fancy veneer patterns for table tops, doors panels and furniture parts.
  • Customized wood veneer panels and doors.
  • Wood Flooring, both imported and of domestic origin.
  • Other wood workings and furniture‚Äôs part components.