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A leading manufacturer and distributor of wood veneers in Thailand, PACIFICWOOD specializes in decorative coverings for building applications and interior design. Our wood veneers are made from high-quality hardwood lumber. They are manufactured under strict quality control. Our technological know-how is backed by experience that spans more than four decades. 

To meet the growing demand for wood veneers, PACIFICWOOD obtains quality hardwood timber from around the world and turns it into high-end products using modern technologies and advanced machinery.

The driving force behind the real success story of PACIFICWOOD is a cohort of highly skilled craftsmen. Their experience and practical understanding of every step in the process assure that all our veneers meet or exceed the highest quality standards. This results in an enormous richness of patterns that are unique, beautiful to look at, and capable of meeting the purposes for which designers, interior decorators, and product manufacturers intended.