Pacificwood Company Limited Manufactures and Exports

Pacificwood Company Limited is a leading manufacturer of more than 300 types of wood veneer, or thin layers of wood sliced from real logs that have been prepared for use in decorative and carpentry purposes. They include materials for interior decoration, doors, stairs, wood flooring, and furniture making. The company also engages in the design and manufacture of a variety of small items for making wooden boxes, watch boxes, and other resources that concern the manufacturing of fine wood products.

More than 300 types of wood veneer to exports.

• Wood veneer made of American white oak, red oak, and teakwood, plus decorative laminate faces, MDF boards, and particle boards or plywood in a variety of thicknesses according to the customer’s specifications. 

• Recomposed wood veneer in excess of 300 types to choose from, including decorative laminate faces, MDF boards, and particle boards or plywood made to every thickness required by customers. 

• The company manufactures and exports sliced teak veneer in the form of flitches or slabs of timber. 

• The company manufactures and exports spliced teak veneer, size 4 x 8 feet or other boards, and particle boards sizes according to customer requirements. 



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