A wide range of floor design ideas and applications.


UV Coating

The prefinished veneer covering is coated with UV lacquer capable of protecting wood from wear and tear. 


The prefinished covering is made of 3 mm. real oak veneer.

Core Board

Made 100% of birch that’s light color and smooth-grained, the laminated core wood block is strong and resistant to moisture, shrinking and expanding, plus it’s less prone to humidity damage and eco-friendly. 


An engineered veneer flooring that combines the natural beauty of real wood and the high standard manufacturing capabilities unique to PACIFICWOOD. Its prefinished veneer covering is made of real oak that complements every decorating style. It’s made strong to withstand adverse circumstances and give confidence amid fast-changing and diverse weather conditions. To achieve remarkable resilience against swelling and twisting, engineered oak wood undergoes a high standard of heat treatment. The result is decorative veneer covering that’s strong, durable, and coated with UV lacquer.   

Overall thickness 14/3 mm.

Standard size : 125 mm x 1200 mm.


18 mm. Grade-A

Solid Teak Wood

Thickness 18 mm.


Teak wood flooring from PACIFICWOOD is made from A-Grade teak lumber 18 mm thick that’s gone through a high standard of heat treatment. Besides its naturally beautiful wood grain, engineered wood is durable, strong, and capable of being polished and refinished over many years, a good investment in the long term.  

Wood Floor Patterns

Striped pattern

Brick pattern